Onet Cleaning and Services

Act daily to maintain cleanliness and hygiene

the working environment of our customers and ensure the well-being of their employees and functionality of their equipment.

Onet Logistics

Build with our customers a solution logistics

Handling the full support of inventory and flow management.

Onet Airport Services

Partner airlines and airport managers

To provide airports and airlines expert solutions in airport runway and terminal

Onet Technologies
Centrale de Brennilis

A lead contractor with global mastery of complex projects

We provide our clients with engineering, maintenance and dismantling solutions for all the phases in the life cycle of their nuclear installations 

Onet Security

Roll over on Onet Security

High value-added security solutions supported by a service offering that combines human and technological resources

Onet Reception

Roll over on Onet Reception:

Providing high value-added reception services to boost your reputation

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Onet Technologies

Onet Technologies is a brand belonging to the Technologies Cluster.



Onet Technologies provides its clients with solutions adapted to their needs, not only in the fields of engineering and nuclear maintenance but also in decontamination, dismantling, waste treatment and asbestos removal. Onet Technologies is also a training specialist with a comprehensive catalogue proposing a wide range of training courses for nuclear and non-nuclear industries.


Onet Technologies supports its international clients throughout the entire life cycle of their installations, enabling them to meet their objectives in terms of safety, performance and competitiveness.



Accueil marque Onet Technologies



Onet Technologies' driving force is innovation, fruit of its investment in Research and Development. And it is this quality that has made Onet Technologies so attractive and high performing.


Its clients are nuclear power plant operators, managers of nuclear waste management facilities, research organisations working on future generation reactors, laboratories...