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One of the Onet’s strengths is to know how to attract talent...

It has to be said that there is no shortage of appeal for the motivated and enthusiastic candidate looking to join our company.


A family Group whose organisation encourages close relationships 

Onet is a company which was  created more than 150 years ago.

In spite of the size of the workforce, (65 105 staff), the company has still managed to maintain close relations with both its staff and its clients, in particular thanks to its organisation based on 400 agencies managed as autonomous profit centres.

The company has the means and the methods of a large international group, whilst maintaining a very strong human touch in its relations between staff and with its clients. 


A responsible company

The responsible approach named «The Future Begins Today» which has been developed by the Group since 2002 has become an integral part of the company’s strategy.

The recognition of the responsible development objectives is effective at all levels of management. 

The staff of Onet consider that the commitment to the «The Future Begins Today» approach is a means of competitive differentiation and hence a tremendous opportunity for the company.


A permanent investment in in-house training

In 1973, our in-house training organisation FORMATION SERVICES was created and took on its own trainers and speakers. Today, the training catalogue proposed by the Group includes more than 600 courses; 220 000 training hours are given every year within the Onet Group.

Today it is presided over by  Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier, Chair of Reinier Holding. This constant investment proves the shareholder’s commitment to skill development: so important in having a successful career.


Diversified jobs … that cannot be offshored

Onet’s activity is mainly founded on facility management.

Our wide range of professions offers numerous career opportunities, including openings overseas.

Moreover, the services that our company provides cannot be offshored, giving relative job security, something that is appreciated in the present economic climate.   


A client-based culture … and innovation

The staff at Onet consider that the service that we provide for our clients should contribute to their performance.

This conception of service has contributed to developing a culture of innovation and progress.

The principle which drives "Onet Innov'" - Focus on Innovation is that every idea and every progress plays its part in the evolution of our know-how and in our capacity to bring added value to every one of our clients.

This customer orientation contributes to the development of the company and to the creation of jobs.