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Men and women

Overall, the workforce is composed for 65 % of women, but the distribution varies greatly from one profession to another.


The percentage of female management staff is progressing slowly, reaching 26.5 % at end 2016.


There is also a marked contrast between the various professions within the Onet Services Cluster : The great majority (74 %) of the workforce in the cleaning sectors is female whereas the contrary is true among human security professionals where 87 % are men.


The efforts to reduce staggered or split (early morning, late evening) working hours are alleviating the strain imposed on the mainly female staff of the cleaning sector. This is also contributing to a profound change in the perception that building occupants and clients have of these workers. Furthermore, it will bring higher benefit to the environment, shared by all, and a closer control over associated costs.

As early as 2009, Onet signed the first charter for the development of day time work in Nantes and then took part in the development of a dedicated toolbox, alongside the Federation of Cleaning & Services Companies (FEP) with the Department of State Procurement (SAE).



The breadown between gender shows a slight increase in the percentage of women in 2016: 65% of women for 35% of men.



In 2012, the Group created a parenthood booklet whose objective is to help fathers and mothers balance work and daily life.

This booklet is part of our approach in favor of professional equality between men and women, and diversity.

It examines this issue as regards all our agreements and action plans.