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Our policy for the integration of disabled workers

The consolidated employment rate of workers with disabilities (in France, all business units) remained stable in 2015. Here again, differences can be noted from one activity to another.


Employment of disabled workers





The main actions undertaken to promote the employment of workers with disabilities in 2015 were:


  • Week for the employment of disabled people

Onet launched a strong communication campaign around the week for the employment of disabled people, which took place from 16th to 22nd November 2015. The objective was to raise employee awareness of a major societal issue - the integration and retention of disabled people in employment – concerning over 2.5 million de people in France.

The « Together, let’s give meaning to diversity » message aims to unite employees in a comment cause to defend the rights of disabled people, transforming this difference into a value to be shared with clients and the general public.

In addition to a conference on employment given by Philippe Arnaud during a summit on the subject of handicap, organised by the French Association for Paralysed Workers (APF), Onet led several other awareness-raising actions during this week: posters, selfie contests, quizzes...


  • Development of a dynamic socially responsible service offering and of partnerships with players involved in the protected and adapted work sector

Ever since it signed the partnership with the APF, on 12th February 2014, Onet has continued to develop and offer a range of socially responsible services to its clients. In this way, Onet contributes to developing employment for disabled people by positioning it as a distinct competitive advantage of its service offer.


Indeed, this offer provides clients with a qualitative solution to their operational needs, by combining two advantages:

    • The integration and professionalization of disabled workers.
    • The retroceded fulfilment of legal obligations regarding the quotas for the employment of disabled workers


As part of its work in favour of people with disabilities, the APF has developed and manages its own network of protected and adapted work under the name APF Enterprise. More than 30 businesses are controlled within the network, which has about fifty establishments in the country. Via this network, APF directly employs around 3000 professionals with disabilities, enabling them to become real economic actors in the French societal landscape.


  • Cooperation with JOB IN LIVE

In order to develop innovative solutions to enhance its disabled worker employment policy, one is now working with the firm JOB IN LIVE, one of the French experts in this field. JOB IN LIVE assists the group in developing its strategy for the recruitment and insertion of disabled workers: audits, sourcing, support to the network…


  • Mandatory Employment of Disabled Workers Declaration (DOETH)

The campaign to prepare the DOETH was launched in 2015. It raised operational staff awareness of the issues involved in preparing these declarations, which generate a considerable amount of administrative monitoring due to the size of the workforce. A kit containing instructions was sent to the network and a monthly reporting system was set up to optimize our AGEFIPH input.