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Onet has an active geographical presence in 7 countries and provides services in over 20. Our geographic development takes different forms: the realization of projects following bids, acquisitions, local partnerships and joint ventures, etc.

Our approach is to sustainably develop our business according to the target country and the business



Our objective is to give a structured international dimension to the ONET Group, which will create a substantial and lasting presence outside France operating a broad range of activities. The aim is to achieve an international turnover representing 20% of total Group turnover by 2018.


To achieve these goals, Onet has created a division in charge of the development and management of these international activities with a dedicated team that relies on a precise methodology:

A direct approach


  • To consolidate and develop existing subsidiaries to achieve a critical size in each country to be recognized as a reference for all contracts.
  • To develop the Group's activities, through acquisitions among other means, in new countries which have been carefully selected based on their growth potential.


An indirect approach

  • To propose the Group’s specialized expertise in engineering to countries with needs and investment plans in infrastructure.





Onet’s Spanish subsidiary was created in 1995 and the Group acquired Seralia (turnover € 65 million) in 2014.
Today Onet Cleaning & Services is one of the 8 most important companies in the multi-service market, achieving a turnover of more than € 110 million. It employs 7,000 staff and its customers are first-class references in the fields of health, distribution, industry and events hosting.



Onet Cleaning & Services Luxembourg was created in 1977 with the acquisition of Cleantec. Onet Luxembourg is one of the three leading operators in the country with a turnover of € 14 million, prestigious institutional references and mandates in the tertiary and industrial sectors.



Onet Cleaning & Services Switzerland is the Group’s first historic subsidiary. It has been present for half a century and is now permanently etched in the territory, particularly in French-speaking Switzerland. With a turnover of € 7 million, Onet Switzerland has nearly 300 employees and recognized references in the tertiary and industrial sectors.


The United States

The Group has been operating in the US since October 2015 with the acquisition of EPM, the North American engineering reference in fire safety in the nuclear sector, notably active in South Korea and the Middle East. EPM has a turnover of nearly $ 20 million with a staff of 90 employees.



Onet has had distribution and installation activities for electronic security systems along with consulting services in Morocco since 2010.



Euroliance was founded in 1999 by the OCS Group (UK), the Onet Group (France) and Gegenbauer (Germany), three major European groups providing a wide range of services in 20 countries throughout Europe. Euroliance Limited represents a total turnover of € 3 billion and employs over 180,000 people.

With over 300 branches in Europe, Euroliance has a first-rate network.



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