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The Executive Board

The management of Onet 

The company is managed by an Executive Board which acts under the control of the Supervisory Board established by article 15 of the articles of association.    

The Executive Board is invested with the widest-ranging powers to act in all circumstances on behalf of the company. It acts within the limits of the objects of the company and subject to those expressly assigned by law at the Supervisory Board and at the shareholders’ meetings.

The Executive Board meets as often as is called for in the interests of the Company, and in any event, at least four times per year, in order to prepare the quarterly report which must be presented to the Supervisory Board.   


The members of the Executive Board

The Executive Board is appointed by the Supervisory Board for a duration of three years, at the end of which it is entirely renewed.

The members of the Executive Board are always re-eligible. They can be chosen from outside the shareholders; they must be individuals.


At present, Onet S.A.’s Executive Board is made up of: 

Emilie De Lombarès, Présidente du Directoire Onet

Emilie de Lombarès, Chairwoman

Laurent Cantorne, Directeur général adjoint

Laurent Cantorné,
Deputy Managing Director

Gilles Lafon

Gilles Lafon,
Customer Offer & Strategy Director

Stéphane Point
Stéphane Point,
Managing Director of Onet services network
Pascal Gauthier

Pascal Gauthier,
International Director