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The Executive commitee

The executive committee’s mission is to validate the implementation of the Board of Director’s decisions.  

The executive committee is presided over by Denis Gasquet, Chairman of the Executive Board.  It meets once a month.

The members of the executive committee

  • Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier, Chairwoman of Reinier Holding,
  • Emilie de Lombarès, Chairwoman of the Executive Board 
  • Gilles Lafon, Customer Offer & Strategy Director, member of the Executive Board,
  • Laurent Cantorné, Deputy Managing Director of Onet S.A
  • Stéphane Point, Managing Director of Onet services network
  • Philippe Clergue, Chair of Onet Technologies
  • Pascal Gauthier, International Director
  • Antoine Recher, Director for Human Resource
  • Arnaud Réal Del Sarte, Chief Financial Officer