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The Supervisory Board

Watching over the smooth running of the company

The Supervisory Board is the non-executive organ whose mission it is to watch over the smooth running of the company and report back to its shareholders

The Supervisory Board meets as often as is called for in the interests of the Company, and in any event, at least four times per year, to hear the Board of Director’s quarterly report.

It appoints the Chairman and the members of the  Executive Board.

The Supervisory Board exercises permanent control over the management of the company by the Executive Board.  

For this purpose, at any time of the year, it carries out the checks and controls which it judges appropriate and calls for any documents which it deems useful in order to fulfill its mission. It deliberates over the general strategy of the company which is submitted to it for approval.


The members of the Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed among natural or legal persons, either within or outside the shareholders by the Annual General Meeting which can revoke them at any time.

The term of office of the members of the Supervisory Board is three years. Any outgoing member is re-eligible.

At present, Onet S.A.’s Supervisory Board is made up of seven members:

  • Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier, Chairwoman,
  • Michel Coquet,
  • Jacques Lecat,
  • Christian Germa, EMZ
  • Charles Mercier, EMZ
  • Quentin Coquet-Reinier,
  • Stephan Brousse