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Our values

Nos valeurs


In 2010, our Group reformulated its fundamental values:RESPECT, OPENNESS and INNOVATION, and redefined its mission: 


"Onet, the energy and theresourcesto bring you a healthier, more dependable environment".


Openness, respect and innovation are values that are shared and applied daily by each of the 58,000 Onet employees.



Openness is closely related to one of our fundamental values: proximity. We practice openness as regards the market, trends and other stakeholders and this helps us question ourselves constantly and define the best professional practices to satisfy our customers' expectations.




The respect of individuals, regulations and commitments enables us to evolve within a calm environment appropriate to expressing all talents. This value is also related in a general way to the respect of commitments.




Confidence in our know-how and our ability to innovate gives us the strength to undertake, propose and consider that more effective solutions can be found. Innovation is a key factor to progress.


The environment and people are at the core of our concerns in all of our businesses in terms of corporate social responsibility.