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The Onet Foundation

Fondation Onet


Fondation Onet

"Over the years, the shareholders and leaders of Onet have wanted to create a foundation in order to generate a spirit of solidarity which would go beyond the framework of the Group’s corporate patronage.

With the Onet foundation, the Group has an organization which is able to create a synergy between its operations of solidarity and develop new ones. The foundation creates an extra field of operations in which Onet and its partners can get involved, on a voluntary basis."

Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier and Emilie de Lombarès, co-Chairwomen of the Onet Foundation



Contributing to human development in a healthy and safe local ENVIRONMENT


Even those who are resourceless should still have access to dignified and decent living conditions as without this, no other project in life can possibly be envisaged. The Onet Foundation has set itself a mission to support action in favour of solidarity and the fight against poor housing, by taking part in practical, in-the-field operations and by promoting awareness on the issue of poor housing.

Fondation Onet 1


Helping people and associations which are working in the field of accommodation in order to act against insalubrity, insecurity and the feeling of malaise that comes with poor housing.

Not leaving them on their own, bringing them the support and the understanding of the company… this is the ambition of the Onet Foundation to «Contribute to human development in a healthy and safe local environment».