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The story so far

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The business created by Mr. Hippolyte FORMAT

The arrival of the first train at Marseille’s St Charles station dates back to 1848.

At this time, Marseille is experiencing one of its most important periods of economic prosperity, due, in particular to the trade of exotic products.

The hills are scattered with grist mills. Semolina and flour milling activities are developing rapidly.

Marseille is increasingly turning towards importation and exportation and goods are transported in sacks requiring handling services.

This is the very first known activity of the business created by Mr. Hippolyte FORMAT in 1860, which would also rapidly begin to propose cleaning services in the grist mills. Years later this company would become the Onet Group.

Mr. Hippolyte REINIER, Mr. Hippolyte FORMAT’s grandson

Mr. Hippolyte REINIER, Mr. Hippolyte FORMAT’s grandson takes over the company leading to its remarkable expansion.

Faced with rapid industrial development and strengthened by demand from the National Railway Company, the company pursues its expansion beyond the city, setting up in the Savoie, the Languedoc-Roussillon, in Lyon and in Nice.

Mechanization continues with the arrival of the first crane in 1934 and the fork-lift and power lift trucks in 1944. Cleaning has now become the company’s main activity. 

Creation of Onet SA « Office Nouveau du Nettoyage » (New Office of Cleaning)
The first offices in a foreign country are set up in Switzerland.

Today, the Group has foreign subsidiaries in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, England, Slovakia, Romania and Morocco.

Creation of "Formation Services"

At the instigation of Mr. Louis REINIER (Hippolyte REINIER’s son), the consultancy, training engineering and professional insertion organization is created. It is named "Formation Services".

Today, this organization is the in-house training structure for Onet.

It manages more than 8 800 trainees and represents more than 220 000 hours of training per year.

Reorganization of Onet S.A.

A pyramid structure concentrated at the top of Onet S.A. is set up.

 This restructuration enables Onet’s share capital to be floated on the Paris Stock Exchange (the « Second Marché » at the time) in June 1987.

A little over 10 % of the capital is opened up to the public.

The REINIER family, nevertheless, retains more than 87 % of Onet S.A.’s capital. 

Reallocation of Group companies

The companies in the Group are divided up into Branches, defined according to their key professions.

An Economic Interest Group, ASSISTANCE SERVICES (created in 1977) made up of the divisions of Onet, brings together centralized general services for all the companies, notably: central management control, I.T., accounting, communication, insurance, real estate management, social documentation, etc …

Acquisition of TELEM SA

Onet acquires the company TELEM, one of the flagships of electronic security in France.

1997 - Onet expanded its services
1997 - Onet expanded its services
Onet expanded its services

Each branch proposes a wider range of services:

  • Cleaning: 
    • ultra cleaning, 
    • cleaning operations in industrial processes, 
    • logistics and handling, 
    • airport assistance, 
    • transport cleaning services (rail, airport, bus, underground, tramway), 
    • event management cleaning and maintenance.
  • Extreme environment services and technologies (nuclear and industrial),
  • Surveillance, electronic security and surveillance,
  • Temporary work, training and recruitment agencies.
Acquisition of Comex Nucléaire and Creation of E.G.E.I. EUROLIANCE

Onet creates, in conjunction with the English Group O.C.S. and the German Group GEGENBAUER, the E.E.I.G. EUROLIANCE, which will become Euroliance Ltd in 2007, so as to offer its services across the whole continent.

The Group also takes over Comex Nucléaire which develops innovative engineering solutions and complex industrial interventions. 

Acquisition of SAFEN and partnerships

Onet takes over the SAFEN RAILWAY COMPANY, whose core business is cleaning.

The first years of the 21st century are also partnership years.

The Extreme Environment Technologies Division establishes strong relationships with key players in the nuclear and industrial sectors:

  • STUDSVIK (Sweden), 
  • AECL (Canada), 
  • ENS (United-States), 
  • NUKEM (Germany) 
  • EIFFAGE (France).

As for the Temporary Staff and Recruitment Division, it establishes a partnership with the CHINA agency in order to facilitate recruitment for Chinese companies. 

Onet takes a strategic change of direction.

All the agencies of the Cleaning-Multi-Services Division complement their cleaning services with a range of multi-services: local services and heritage maintenance.

The Cleaning-Multi-Services Division thus reinforces its position as the leader in cleaning and related services in France. 

Acquisition of the company Axxis Conseil
Creation of "Axxis à Domicile" and change in shareholding of Onet

Onet launches into the home services market by taking over FRANCE PRESENCE.

Today this activity is developed under the name of AXXIS A DOMICILE.

On 23rd October, 2007, the REINIER family takes de jure control of the family Onet Group by buying up the shares of the FABRE HOLDING.


This step marks the entrance of the SOCIETE FONCIERE FINANCIERE ET DE PARTICIPATIONS - FFP (The Real Estate, Financial and Investment Company) into the capital and into the management of the company through the Société du Management D’Onet (SDMO – The Management Company of Onet).

Following these operations, the share capital of the REINIER HOLDING is now owned by:

  • The REINIER family: 74.51 %,
  • The Management Company of Onet (SDMO): 2.44 %.

The REINIER HOLDING is chaired by Elisabeth COQUET-REINIER.


In October 2007, our four activity divisions changed name.

  • Onet Propreté-Multiservices
  • Onet Technologies
  • Onet Sécurité
  • Axxis Ressources
Continued international expansion of Onet Technologies

Continued international expansion of Onet Technologies through the creation of subsidiaries ONET TECHNOLOGIES ROMANIA, ONET TECHNOLOGIES BULGARIA and acquisition of GRAVATOM ENGINEERING SERVICES in United Kingdom.

The new Head Office of Onet

The Group moves into the new Head Offices at 36 boulevard de l’Océan, 13009 Marseille, bringing together the 4 activity divisions and the EIG.

The new Head Office is made up, among other things, of a company canteen, an “HQE” child care centre (High Quality Environmental Standard - a French standard for green buildings) and a gym.

Onet launches its O3 corporate project.

2010 - Creation of TELEM MAROC
2010 - Creation of TELEM MAROC
Creation of TELEM MAROC

The Group boosted its international expansion with the creation of Telem Maroc (a subsidiary of Onet Security) that provides Telem expertise in designing, installing and maintaining electronic security systems for banking networks, industries and administration throughout the kingdom.

Euroliance Ltd saw the arrival of a new partner (Nominated Services Provider) Reiwag in cleaning services for Austria, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

2011 - Acquisition of Bradtec and new partnerships
2011 - Acquisition of Bradtec and new partnerships
Acquisition of Bradtec and new partnerships

Comex Nucleaire (a subsidiary of Onet Technologies) and the Japanese Group Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, manufacturer and supplier of Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) for nuclear plants, created a joint venture company called Comia to develop their business in the field of nuclear engineering and services for PWR nuclear islands.

Onet Technologies consolidated its presence within Great Britain thanks to the acquisition of Bradtec Decon Technologies Ltd, a company specialized in decontamination procedures and established a foothold in the Indian civil nuclear market by creating a joint venture company with PCI Ltd in New Delhi and by working in the field of conventional energy.

Onet Cleaning & Services created Sylliance. Similar to Sky Team within the field of civil aviation, Sylliance groups together partners who are experts and professionals in their business and who share the same values and expectations regarding the quality of services.

2013 - Onet acquires Sinteo
2013 - Onet acquires Sinteo
Onet acquires Sinteo

Onet is strengthening its technical skills and expertise through the acquisition of Sinteo, an engineering and consulting company specializing in the environmental performance of buildings.