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Intensive training with Axxis Ressources

Friday 29 July 2016
- Communication Department
Intensive training with Axxis Ressources


Axxis Formation, Axxis Intérim et Recrutement & Axxis Ressources played a decisive role in the success of the 2016 UEFA European Football championship.


What was their mission?

To recruit security agents and make sure that they received the most up-to-date professional training to prepare them for their role. Thus, over 100 agents benefited from vocational training as part of the preparation for the 2016 UEFA championship.



« Beforehand we worked in synergy with all of ONET’s professional teams, defining together the exact needs in terms of security agent training in each of the UEFA host towns (Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Etienne et Toulouse). As a result, the offer we conceived was truly customized and included obtaining the necessary funding from the FAFTT, (Fonds d’assurance formation du travail temporaire), the fund responsible for the financing of professional training for temporary staff. » explains Audrey Derlica.»



85 agents attended three-to-four week long training programmes at our Axxis training centre in Lyon and were rewarded by obtaining their « CQP » - a certificate of professional aptitude - and their professional card. 


To foster more efficient communication

ONET team supervisors operating in the VIP zones received English language training in order to communicate more fluently with other partners and suppliers on the sites. Some of the team leaders used their professional training allowance to sit the TOEIC exam.


This demonstrates once again our ability to set up and implement nation-wide standards and practices to meet the requirements of top level events.