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MuCEM renews its trust in Onet Security !

Monday 14 November 2016
- Communication Department
MuCEM renews its trust in Onet Security !

The museum of civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MuCEM) is extending its contract with Onet Security, first signed in 2013, for another 3 years.

Onet Security will continue to apply its expertise for the protection and security of the premises, exhibits, assets and visitors to the museum.


#Client testimonial : the technology, professionalism and training made all the difference.

“Several elements led us to renew this contract. From a customer service standpoint, the responsiveness of the assigned team was definitely a plus. The professionalism of the site manager also encouraged us to renew. But most of all it was the technology and training that Onet Security provided that really tipped the scales. The application of mobile IT tools such as Guardtech, which tracks patrols and logs, made process monitoring easier. Onet Blue Quality is also a very important innovation for quality tracking. In terms of training, Onet met our extra risk-prevention needs by setting up additional training. Support strengthening security, reinforcing anti-terrorism stations and establishing instructions related to attack risks, armed attack simulations, evacuation…all of these initiatives strengthen our confidence in Onet.” Sébastien JAMESSE, MuCEM’s Head of Security and Safety.


Focus: The day-to-day of a site manager   

Ahmed Ibrahim has been the site manager for Onet Security’s MuCEM account for the last 3 years.  

His tasks :

  • Scheduling agents for different positions,
  • Controlling operating risks, 
  • Managing human resources: recruiting agents and preparing employment contracts, 
  • Training and advising hired staff as well as continual training for different fire and safety stations (site manager, patroller, room monitor),
  • Compliance with regulations,
  • Handling additional client requests (the privatisation and programming of the MuCEM),
  • Preparing different documents and quotes (flat rate, price per unit, privatisation).




“I am proud to represent Onet in the biggest cultural site in Marseilles. What I like most about this site is that in addition to managing the security of the general public, we also ensure the security of artwork. I am very satisfied with my agents’ work and especially with their ability to adapt to the events taking place: official visits like that of the French president or other heads of state or international ambassadors, exhibition openings or private gatherings. The quality of the service required makes this job even more interesting and allows me to gain new experience in my field every day.” 

Ahmed Ibrahim, Site Manager, SSIAP3-certified.


MuCEM : An Exceptional Site

These tasks require that much more experience as the museum attracted 1.5 million visitors in 2015.  

In order to cover the museum’s 16,500 m2 of surface area, 3,690 m2 of which is exhibition space, the Onet Security teams include fifty agents assigned exclusively to this cultural site. This number can vary depending on the season and events taking place.


Keenly aware of the  importance of customer satisfaction, Onet Security has made tools available to the MuCEM and all its other clients in order to measure the quality of the services they provide and suggest improvements in the following areas: equipment, training, managers’ skills etc. 


Onet Security’s Areas of Intervention  

The services that the MuCEM entrusts to Onet concern security guarding,  safety, fire safety and prevention and personal assistance :      

  • safety
    • access control,
    • reception, 
    • orientation,
    • general surveillance,
    • risk-prevention, 
    • intervention,
    • security log (mobile and paper)
    • digitalisation of tasks and individual evaluations.
  • fire safety
    • prevention and treatment of fire hazards.
  • Personal assistance and rescue