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Onet Blue Tracing: Onet’s logistics tracking tool is in service!

Friday 18 November 2016
- Communication Department
Onet Blue Tracing: Onet’s logistics tracking tool is in service!


In order to  optimise in situ logistics servicesOnet Logistics has developed a tracking tool: Onet Blue Tracing.

This tool,  allows us to track and ensure the reliability of physical and information flows real-time, ensure the quantitative monitoring of products, their location as well as their destination and origin through  links in the supply chain.


This solution, already used for several client sites, was specifically developed to meet the growing need for tracking and performance measurement. It enables the optimisation of flows, saves time and provides better visibility for smoother logistics operations.


Spotlight on its use for Safran Aircraft Engines


Safran Aircraft Engines is a world-renowned engine manufacturer in the aerospace propulsion field—civil and military—as well as in the space industry. The Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines site, with a surface area of 78 000 m,2 is dedicated to civil and specialised motor maintenance. Onet Logistics has been providing in situ logistics services for this site for 3 years.


Parcel traceability—how it works:

The Onet Logistics agent scans the parcel and fills in the fields with the required data. This data is then transmitted to our server digitally. The Safran Aircraft Engines teams can then use their user name and password to sign in to their Onet Blue Tracing profile and access data and/or search for a parcel or consult monthly performance indicators.


Benefits to this system: 

  • it improves product tracking through barcode reading,
  • it tracks and records each shipping stage of the parcel,
  • it automates the loading/unloading, shipping/reception cycle and significantly reduces the risk of error,
  • it calculates performance indicators,
  • it sends text-message or email alerts to concerned parties,
  • it allows you to edit dashboards and admin documents.


Haulage activity—how it works:

After studying and analysing a site’s flow, and following the installation of transit stations at strategic locations, Onet will optimise the proposed logistics service. This means the client can drop off an item at the departure station and request a pick-up indicating the desired delivery location. The system will then show the station affected by the pick-up and the loading equipment necessary. These alerts arrive at all Onet Logistics haulage driver terminals real-time for quick and qualified handling.


Advantages to the Onet Blue Tracing Solution:

  • compatible with current technology,
  • simple to set up and use,
  • customisable solutions,
  • user-friendly for people on the move,
  • connected or disconnected modes,
  • lease option (ASP - minor investment),
  • works with other modules (Portail Easy reports).



Onet Blue Tracing is a unique solution!

Our experts study, develop and integrate the most appropriate features according to the logistic needs and issues in order to offer a bespoke and adapted solution to each client.