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Onet Technologies guarantees safe transit of steam generators

Monday 12 June 2017
- Communication Department
Onet Technologies guarantees safe transit of steam generators

Last March, in partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Onet Technologies successfully transported three steam generators all the way from Kobe in Japan to the nuclear power station of Cruas-Meysse in the Ardèche region of France. An operation requiring the highest level of expertise, contributing to maintaining the safety and extending the active life of this EDF plant.


What does a Steam Generator do?


The steam generator is the centrepiece in the nuclear power generation process: thanks to 4500 upside-down, heat exchange U-tubes, it transforms the water of the primary circuit, brought to a high temperature (320°C) and high pressure (160 bars) in the reactor core, into steam. This steam then drives a turbine (secondary circuit) coupled to an alternator to produce electricity.


In order to maintain steam production performance levels, the steam generator must be replaced, which is a highly delicate operation in the life of a reactor. Whilst Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is charged with the design and manufacturing of the steam generator for EDF, all the design verification and engineering aspects in connection with respecting regulations are under the responsibility of Onet Technologies.


Onet Technologies is the MHI’s strategic partner in France for the maintenance of nuclear reactors and the supply of steam generators. And part of its role is to take charge of the transport of steam generators from the site of their construction (Japan) to their final destinations in France on certain EDF sites.


An extraordinary convoy accomplished in 6 weeks



On 10 February 2017, an exceptional convoy of three steam generators (each measuring 20 metres high, 6 metres in diameter and weighing 300 tons) left the port of Kobe in Japan for the French nuclear power plant of Cruas-Meysse in Ardeche. Before arriving in the docks of Fos-sur-Mer on March 11th, the convoy had travelled across the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal and across the Mediterranean Sea. Then, several trips up and down the Rhone river were necessary in order to deliver the three generators to the Cruas-Meysse power plant. The operation took six weeks, finishing on 28 March 2017.




An essential operation for the technical maintenance of the steam generators and the site’s safety


Through this top notch, technical operation, Onet Technologies contributes to guaranteeing the safety and the operating life of the installation.


Not less importantly, Onet Technologies also played a key part in obtaining the French Nuclear Safety Authority’s licence to commission the equipment inside the EDF power plant. Their approval is essential to transform the project into reality and to allow MHI’s steam generators to be installed, showing the value to MHI of having Onet Technologies as its partner in France




We are extremely proud of our success in completing this delivery, a first for Onet Technologies. Furthermore, the fact that we obtained the compliance certificates for the steam generators from the Nuclear Safety Authority in good time represents a real success for the MHI-Onet Technologies consortium. This large-scale operation positions Onet Technologies as a leading player in the nuclear industry” declared Philippe Clergue, President of Onet Technologies.