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Onet presents its waste collection, management and treatment services

Saturday 19 November 2016
- Communication Department
Onet presents its waste collection, management and treatment services


From the 19th-27th of November it was the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)


The goal of this week is to raise a maximum of awareness about the necessity to reduce the quantity of waste generated, as well as to provide key strategies that can be applied on a daily basis.

This week was an opportunity for Onet to present its solutions for professionals as well as its own employees.


A comprehensive solution for waste collection, management and treatment in order to reduce environmental impact


Onet has been conscious of the need to manage, treat and reduce waste for several years and has developed its expertise in this area. Participating in all of these fields, Onet handles all types of waste, hazardous or not, according to regulatory requirements, which acts as complementary support to their cleaning services.


Two offers dedicated specifically to the service and industrial sectors have also been developed.


Areas of intervention:

  • Audit of waste management,
  • Waste sorting,
  • Pre-collection of waste,
  • Tracking and reporting,
  • Optimisation of internal organisation,
  • Repurposing and recycling.


Check out some images of Onet’s comprehensive waste management!!



Green Flow: the online interface for managing and tracking waste


Using the Green Flow solution for waste management strengthens tracking, reporting and optimises the internal organisation of the client’s site.

It offers clear and transparent tracking for waste management. The client user has access to detailed indicators for each step of the process which allows for real control and visibility.




“Today we have access to waste management and tracking we hadn’t even dreamed of a year ago! This online solution is a source of progress as it allows us to know where to apply preventive strategies in order to improve. Using it has significantly modified our approach to waste management.” François Maraite, COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION Buildings and Security Unit – Section Facility Management.


To help you better understand this system, Onet has developed a product page you can consult by clicking here!


Internal strategies to reduce Onet employees’ waste


Waste sorting by voluntary contribution

Onet uses a strategy to raise awareness and diffuse information amongst employees in order to explain the concept and encourage them to participate. The goal: increasing the recycling and repurposing of office waste and adopting a service adapted to environmental and social issues. Recovery targets are set to get employees involved and the performance level obtained is announced annually.


Waste containers are made available at different voluntary drop-off points around the head office buildings. In the inside of each building, specific containers have been set up to collect hazardous waste such as WEEE (batteries, ink and toner cartridges).


There are also containers for:

  • organic waste, glass and recyclable packaging in the cafeteria area,
  • paper and plastic cups at the site’s main reception area.


Containers for household waste that cannot be recycled are also available at voluntary drop-off points.