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UGAP renews its confidence in Onet Security Telem

Wednesday 04 May 2016
- Communication Department
UGAP renews its confidence in Onet Security Telem


UGAP, the Union of Public Procurement Groups has just committed to 3 more years of partnership with Onet Security Telem by entrusting them with a contract for “ Solutions of CCTV, access control, intrusion detection and associated services”. 


Today, UGAP is the only general public procurement centre in France. Its role is to make public procurement more efficient through cost optimisation and the satisfaction of state-owned entities.


Onet Security Telem has already carried out various projects with UGAP, including urban CCTV projects as well as ensuring security in public buildings such as ministries, town halls, administrative courts and museums…  


Our understanding of our customers and UGAP’s beneficiaries, our technical expertise and the experience we acquired during the first contract are all key factors in our success. 



Onet Security Telem has been a designer, integrator, installer and maintainer of electronic security systems for more than 45 years.


  • Cameras (Full HD, 4K, PTZ, thermal…), 
  • DVR/NVR recorders
  • VMS software solutions,
  • IVS solutions,
  • Video terminals,
  • Associated servers and hardware,
  • Radio modem,
  • City CCTV…



Acces control

  • Cards/badges (short, medium and long range),
  • CSPN certified cards,
  • Biometric readers,
  • Management and administration solutions,
  • Motorised locks, electromagnetic locks, strikes, electric strikes,
  • Mechanical obstacles (gates, automated barriers, security turnstiles, security gates, rapid transit corridors …),
  • Interphony…




  • Alarm control unit,
  • Detectors (dual technology, seismic, intruder…),
  • Specific detectors (laser, impact detection…),
  • Infrared barriers,
  • RFID solution for the protection of cultural property and art work