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Our approach

A responsive and flexible cross-functional organisation 


The ONE methodology should enable us to make the organisation cross-functional, responsive and flexible. For this, we perform a complete audit of your site to analyse the major and critical flow points.


Then we recommend a choice of ONET businesses between which synergies will be the strongest, a choice of overall organisation of services, communication tools, performance indicators and monitoring.





1. Site audit: 2. Recommandation:
  • Collection of information
  • Observations, interviews, surveys...
  • Analysis of critical points
  • Onet Businesses 
  • Organisation and management of the service
  • Tools and performance indicators
3. Roll-out: 4. Monitoring & continuous improvement: 
  • New businesses
  • Single point of contact
  • Tools (Customer portal)
  • Performance indicators
  • User satisfaction assessment
  • Share & Reapply, best practise
  • Monitoring via a "relational planning map" which is shared with you


Following the roll-out of the new organisation, we continuously assess the quality of our services and user satisfaction. We also set up a new plan to monitor the service and our relationship.