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Onet Innov'



Our ambitions

Innovation is a deployment lever for our Triple A strategic plan, which aims to:

  • Provide more added value to our services for the benefit of our customers,
  • Improve competitiveness, both through cost reductions and productivity gains,
  • Strengthen our image as the leading player in our business, enabling us to stand out from our competitors,
  • Find new pathways to new markets.

Our customers, partners and employees support us every day in our quest to find tomorrow’s solutions for services in all of our businesses.


Our organisation

Within the Group, the R&D and innovation activities are co-ordinated by the Innovation Department, which reports directly to General Management. This department is in charge of:

  • Generating ideas / innovative initiatives within the Group,
  • Developing our collaboration with external stakeholders in innovation,
  • Identifying & providing access to new technologies which will help to develop our business,
  • Managing the practical implementation of innovative projects with the support of the different entities,
  • Running the "Onet incubator".


In order to successfully carry out its missions, the department relies on the technical and business experts present within our various entities as well as on the Group's functional departments (marketing, sales, legal, ...).


Needless to say, the technical departments of Onet Technologies and TELEM are also heavily involved in the R&D and innovation actions of their respective entities, given the specifics of their activities.


Onet is also largely oriented towards external structures involved in innovation: research organizations, start-ups, innovative SMEs, competitiveness centres ..., with whom we work on a daily basis.


Onet now has a portfolio of about fifty patents which we enrich regularly.


Onet Incubator

Any new and innovative subsidiaries are integrated into an "incubator" which is run by the Innovation Department with the aim to facilitate and support the technological and commercial development of these entities:

  • To define the business strategy,
  • To create technical and commercial synergies with other Group entities: sharing customer portfolios, developing joint offers, gaining and giving access to business expertise, setting up innovative projects ...
  • To focus teams on the operational and to avoid wasting energy by simplifying the decision-making and management systems.


Subsidiaries incorporated in the incubator:


The Contest for innovative ideas

Onet Innov’ The Challenge is a competition for the Group’s employees and aims to enhance our culture of innovation.


It is a platform for sharing and progress!


It is based on an idea of exchange between employees to encourage the expression of ideas and proposals for innovation. We believe there is a great wealth in the sharing of ideas.


And innovation is not only technical. It can be social, environmental, organizational or affect different processes in the company.


The principle that underlines Onet Innov’, The Challenge is that every idea, every progress plays a role no matter how large, in the evolution of our expertise and our ability to add value to each of our customers’ needs.

Our participation

Onet is a member of numerous associations involved in innovation:


Onet is on the Board of the CAPENERGIES competitiveness centre.




Onet is a shareholder of the Inovsys Shared Innovation Platform alongside Airbus Helicopters, EDF and the CDC.