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Our corporate responsibility

Responsible development: The future begins today

Responsible development remains the keystone of all our actions at all managerial levels. All our teams guarantee consistency between our values, our commitments, our practices and our actions. 


Performance économique

Ensuring the economic performance of the company founded in 1860

Taking part in both local and national development

Being part of the local economy

Combining social, technical and environmental skills to provide a comprehensive offer

Satisfying customers

Équité sociale

Developing employment whilst taking diversity into account

Developing skills through training

Watching over the health and safety of our employees

Protection de l'environnement

Incorporating environmental and social criterion in the purchasing policy

Encouraging innovative projects

Improving control over consumption 

Responsabilité sociétale

Raising awareness of environmental issues

Taking part in sustainable development think tanks

Helping to change attitudes in this area 


Global Compact

The Group is also continuing to invest in the promotion and the respect of the principles of the Global Compact and the  « Caring for Climate » commitment it has.


Our ambition is to consolidate our place as leader by affirming our identity. We are continuing to commit ourselves to the belief that the future begins today.