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Recruitment Charter



Because recruitment, the enrichment of human capital, is a telling time for the Group and its staff,  

Because it represents a commitment to a long-term relationship, focused on our values of Listening, Respect and Daring,

Because our corporate culture is based on the individual and closeness, and the personality of our employees matters as much as their skills,


We respect equity and equal opportunities and we are committed to respecting these 10 GOLDEN RULES for recruitment:


  1. We are committed to observing the equal treatment of candidates and the promotion of equal opportunities, consistent with our Diversity Charter. We are particularly respectful of privacy and practise no discrimination.
  2. We submit to an obligation of impartiality and a commitment to confidentiality. We do not allow ourselves to use the information that we receive other than to carry out successful recruitment.
  3. We keep our candidates informed of the evolution of the recruitment and commit ourselves to providing an answer to all applications.
  4. We favour the interview solution, an integral evaluation tool. In addition, we implement recognized reliable and objective methods. If we use service providers, we ensure that they too share our values.
  5. During the interview, we are committed to giving candidates any information about the values of the Group, its organisation, its professions and its activities.
  6. We guarantee the candidates accurate and honest information about the vacant position and its environment.
  7. We never evaluate our applicants and form no appreciation of them except through their know-how and inter-personal skill in relation to the vacant position.
  8. We inform the candidates of the nature of the recruitment techniques used and give them oral or written feedback of the evaluation.
  9. We guarantee our candidates a warm welcome and professional contact from our Group’s representatives.
  10. We ensure our new employees a follow-up during the process of their integration into the Group.