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Communiqué de presse Groupe Onet


Below, you can consult the most recent press releases relating to the Onet Group, its brands and its subsidiaries.

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06/09/2018 The nomination of Emilie de Lombares, Chairman of the Board of the Onet Group
08/06/2018 Onet Pledges to Utilize 95% Eco-Friendly Products by 2020 in its Conventional Cleaning Services
16/02/2018 Louis Reinier, co-founder of the Onet Group, passes away
07/11/2017 Onet Group accelerates development in Brazil with a new acquisition
15/06/2017 Onet Technologies pilots an exceptional convoy of three steam generators from Kobé to Cruas-Meysse
30/05/2017 Onet : Holding Reinier brings the EMZ fund into its capital
25/04/2017 Onet continues its development in airport services and wins baggage handling for Air France-KLM at Paris Orly airport
30/03/2017 Onet continues its international development in Brazil and Switzerland
27/03/2017 Onet revolutionizes its cleaning services using connected objects
24/03/2017 Onet winner of the CEO / HRD Partnership Award 2017
21/03/2017 Onet to join the National Union of Security Companies (SNES)
07/03/2017 Caroline Villecroze named Communications Director for the Onet Group
08/12/2016 The Onet Foundation gives the city of Marseilles a mobile shower lorry in an effort to help the homeless
07/12/2016 Training: Onet Cleaning & Services inaugurates its new training centre dedicated to healthcare professions On
06/10/2016 A new Onet Technologies Nuclear Training centre opens its doors in Normandy, ready to welcome 8 000 trainees per year (PDF)
05/10/2016 The Onet Foundation pursues its efforts during the 6th edition of the National Housing and Solidarity Day
18/07/2016 The public sector’s central purchasing body (the UGAP) renews its confidence in Onet Sécurité Telem
08/07/2016 “T2G”: the new touch-screen graphic display terminal by Onet Sécurité Telem
05/07/2016 Philippe Bogaert appointed Commercial Director of Onet Sécurité Telem
04/07/2016 Nuclear dismantling: Onet Technologies and CEA acclaimed by SFEN and WNE for remotely operated laser-cutting technology
28/06/2016 World Nuclear Exhibition: Onet Technologies affirms its international development strategy
05/04/2016 Onet official provider of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters for another three years
22/03/2016 Onet and FFGEIQ sign agreement to promote employment of people isolated from the job market
16/03/2016 Onet Cleaning and Services expands its partnership with Produit en Bretagne
22/12/2015 Switzerland: Onet signs strategic industry partnership with Batmaid.com (Vanguard SA)
10/11/2015 Onet acquires EPM, Inc. and completes its first transaction in the US market (PDF)
25/09/2015 Five Onet Foundation actions for its 5th National Solidarity and Housing Day (PDF)
21/07/2015 Onet is the first partner of Sulitest (PDF)
01/07/2015 Green Flow: the innovative new online waste management solution from Onet (PDF)
21/05/2015 Onet acquires Applus RTD France, company specialized in the performance of non-destructive tests.
18/05/2015 Crédit Mutuel Arkéa chooses Onet Security
15/04/2015 A security system for sensitive sites and facilities operated by the french Ministry of the interior
12/03/2015 The Onet Foundation hosts an after-work party
03/03/2015 Onet acquires Cidel, a specialist in high-tech security systems
13/02/2015 French decommissioning technology chosen for Fukushima
13/02/2015 Onet launches a €25,000 student competition on waste management