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Strategy & key figures

A specific approach


Specific social engineering with people as the key factor to success

In labor-intensive jobs more than anywhere else, the reliability and security of services depend on skilled, stable and well-trained teams and management. Onet considers people to be the key factor to success in developing an innovative social engineering strategy that proposes effective support actions during restructuring or organizational changes, adopts the required solutions in the face of economic downturns and identifies new services to facilitate customer development.


 Services engineering based on upstream customized consulting services

Onet has a unique approach where the phase upstream to the services provided plays a fundamental role. By analyzing customer expectations and the conditions for the performance of services, we are able to propose responsible and innovative solutions that have a less negative impact on mankind, society and nature. By examining, on a case-by case basis, the method in which services should be performed, our experts are able to provide customers with valuable advice and imagine the most appropriate and powerful solutions.


Local presence for fostering sustainable development

Onet has developed a dense network of operations close to our customers' sites to ensure skilled and financially attractive services. This priority drives all Onet businesses and enables us to develop a privileged relationship with both customers and employees. This privileged relationship encourages a calm social climate which enables us to be responsive and provide relevant advice and long-term support to customers.


Action at the heart of your production process

Each Onet business plays a genuine role in the production process of its customers. Onet is not simply an outsourced service provider that frees its customers from certain constraints. Onet is a player at the heart of our customers' production process. We strive to contribute to our customers' performance.

This contribution constitutes one of Onet's added values. It also enhances the value of our employees' work.