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Full Handling

Onet Airport Services proposes full handling services.


Our experience with passengers, traffic, ramp and cargo is the guarantee of our expertise. To ensure optimum quality of service, the whole range of services is performed by Onet Airport Services teams. A single, dedicated contact is in direct contact with the airline.


full handling




Passenger handling:

  • information to passengers,
  • handling specificities,
  • passenger profiling – connections – claims – irregularities,
  • tickets,
  • check-in.

Operations services:

  • preparation of flight records,
  • loading plan,
  • weight breakdown,
  • flight coordination,
  • transportation of crews.

Ramp services:

  • baggage handling,
  • guidance - Marshalling,
  • parking,
  • GPU,
  • Air conditioning and heating,
  • communication between ground and cockpit,
  • loading and unloading,
  • start (ASU),
  • security measures,
  • aircraft movements,
  • external cleaning,
  • internal cleaning (transit, night stop or type Z),
  • toilet drain service,
  • drinking water service,
  • cabin equipment,
  • storage of cabin equipment,
  • ramp assistance for catering / loading,
  • de-icing.