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Cleaning and Services

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your working environment

Onet is the key player for cleaning and associated services in France and Europe. This position is the result of harmonious, careful but ambitious development by our employees, alongside our customers. 


Making workspaces, common passageways, as well as leisure, production and transportation areas ... clean, healthy and pleasant is our motto.




Find out more about cleaning and related services in your country

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Our services:



  • Classic: offices, government offices, commercial areas, public areas, shopping networks or agencies ...
  • Specialised: sensitive areas, industrial processes, transportation, event operations, pest control




  • Resident services
  • Building services




  • Running of and reporting on waste management chain
  • Sorting and selective collection at source


Our strenghts :

An organization able to give customised solutions to each client:

  • Business experts for every sector;
  • A strong network of agencies near customer sites, which are free to adapt their work processes and methods to local needs;
  • A dedicated structure for our multi-site customers: centralisation of customer relations, dedicated reporting, hotline support, ... to ensure consistent performance and quality.

A team of motivated employees:

  • A skills development program (internal training school since 1982, e-learning, individual training plan ...);
  • A safe working environment: PPE, fight against repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), safety behaviour visits...;
  • Local management which is respectful, reasonable and listens to its employees.

A quality service, mastered over time:

  • A Blue Quality application, available on digital tablets for online control, enabling us to accurately monitor your services and report on them efficiently;
  • A customer portal for optimum responsiveness and traceability in case of malfunction;
  • Constant monitoring for a level of cleanliness consistent with the requirements of our customers.

R&D – Service engineering:

  • Our "business tools" experts work on technical processes and new products to improve or offer new services. Our aim is to continue developing true engineering services;
  • A permanent watch on the latest developments in the market is conducted and carried out in order to be constantly in anticipation with customers.