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Hygiene and cleaning in sensitive environments

Multi-sector expertise and specific know-how for the "control of contamination"




The industry of "contamination control"* is facing an increasingly diverse, complex and specialised demand.  This can be explained by the appearance of new needs such as the tightening in cleaning requirements or the evolution of regulatory constraints (particularly in the pharmaceutical and related industries ...).

For the past 30 years, Onet has been recognised for its expertise in ultra-clean environments, holding all quality standards from ISO 3 to ISO 9


Nous réalisons des prestations quotidiennes de nettoyage, de décontamination chimique et microbiologique, ainsi que des prestations ponctuelles de "mise à blanc".

Four areas of activity:

 Pharmaceutical Industry (ISO 3 to ISO 9 certification)
- Regular cleaning and decontamination of different areas
- One-off major decontamination operations
- Zoning
- Application of best practices in pharmaceutical cleaning.


 Health care environments (Intervention from zone 0 to zone 4)
- Bio-decontamination
- Cleaning of premises
- Daily sanitization of nosocomial infections
- Other services (waste disposal, catering, ground maintenance and landscaping...)


• Our cleanroom services (ISO 3 to ISO 9 certification)

- Daily cleaning and specific decontamination
- One-off major decontamination operation.


• Agri-food industry

We provide process sanitization services in the agri-food industry such as the cleaning and disinfecting of production lines and their environment:
- Meat industries (beef, pork, poultry, etc.) - slaughter, cutting, processing
- Salted products and cured meats
- Fresh ready-to-serve meals, frozen and canned goods
- Fish industry - Baked goods and pastries
- Vegetable industry


* The control of contamination aims to protect either together or separately:
- The product produced or processed (or the patient in hospital)
- The operator during the handling of potentially toxic products
- The environment.

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