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Cryocleaning: Principle of implementation

  • The liquefied CO2, which is drawn from a tank, passes through a pelletizer which transforms it into a solid aggregate state: dry ice. This snow, which reaches -78.5 ° C, is then compacted in a channel to give sticks or pellets
  • The pellets or sticks are stored and delivered in insulated containers
  • The micro-pellets is are projected using compressed air supplied:
    - Either through the internal network of the company,
    - Or through an air compressor.
  • The pistol enables the pellets or dry ice to be projected directly on the surface to be cleaned.


How does Cryogenic cleaning work?


It is a revolutionary cleaning method in which dry ice is projected in the form of cylinders called "pellets" using a compressed air stream.


The combination of mechanical shock and extreme cold causes the detachment of the layer to be removed.


The process leaves no secondary residue, as the dry ice sublimates. The only residue to be removed is the layer that was eliminated, which is easier to treat.


Economic, technical, environmental advantages

  • Reduced immobilization time 
  • No expense related to evacuation 
  • Quick and efficient cleaning method
  • Reduced wear on production equipment 
  • Environmental protection

Some products & solutions

Dry-ice blasting
An environmentally-friendly solution to protect your material
Pellet de glace carbonique
Fabrication et vente de glace carbonique
Une solution pour le maintien de la chaîne du froid
Gommage Cryogénique
Le gommage cryogénique
Une alternative aux techniques de sablage