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Dry-ice blasting

An environmentally-friendly solution to protect your material

Dry-ice blasting

Your needs

In very restricted operating environments, your delicate or electrified material requires a method of dry cleaning which is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our solution


The objective of Onet Cleaning and Services has always been to develop increasingly efficient cleaning and maintenance solutions and tailor them to your needs. With this aim, we can now offer you a system of dry-ice blasting.


The pressure of the cleaning can be adjusted from delicate to aggressive, thus adapting to any type of material, even in particularly grimy sectors such as the food or the automobile industry.  The technology has already proved itself to be highly efficient and profitable.

Dry ice pellets


  • Clean process: no water, solvents or chemical products,
  • Timely process,
  • Dry method, perfect for electrical equipment,
  • Easy access into tight spaces,
  • Respect of equipment due to adjustable intensity of the jet,
  • Inert, non-toxic gas,
  • No secondary waste




Dry ice pellets are projected by a flow of compressed air. The combination of intense cold and mechanical impact causes the dirt to detach. The dry ice evaporates instantly after cleaning.

 All that remains is pure waste which is easier to treat.


Dry ice blasting method


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