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The Expertise and Experience to Adapt to the Demands of the Transport Sector


Cleanliness in transport is the reflection of brand image, an element of traveller satisfaction and a real challenge for transportation companies, whether operating by rail, sea, road or air.

Onet, whose proven expertise and experience is widely recognized, acts by adapting to the requirements inherent in your industry: the management of hazards, schedule changes, limited intervention time, security, respect of the environmental policy, the standards in effect ...

Onet Cleaning & Services offers the expertise required for flow organization, operating methods and employee management.


Our expertise allows us to intervene upstream, from the definition of the specifications until the services are carried out, all as part of a continuous improvement process.


Approximately 20 agencies are specialized in the cleaning of rolling stock and can support you in your results-based approach



  • Rail transport
  • Sea transport
  • Air transport
  • Urban transport


Our ISO 9001 version 2000 certification ensures quality and responsiveness in onsite interventions.


In order to enhance the travelling experience for your passengers and crew, we offer a wide range of services: accompanying persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, carrying out security, reception, shuttle transport, handling luggage, decorating the inside and outside of vehicles ...