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At the heart of your working environment

Cleanliness: a basic need, a strong challenge




"Classic" cleaning refers to the fundamental, but not the simplistic notion of "clean."


Every sector of industry has its own challenges and cleaning is inscribed within it at different levels.


In a shopping centre or a leisure space, cleanliness and "agreeableness" will have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and average basket value; in an office, the cleanliness and neatness of the workspace will have a direct impact on the well-being of employees and hence their productivity; in a hotel, the cleanliness of the room is a key element of satisfaction and loyalty ...


This is why we never discuss a space in the same way (its purpose, its surfacing, its occupancy rate ...) because each space requires careful organisation, a sense of impeccable service and fully motivated teams.


And regardless of the sector and the technical level (equipment, standard ...) which it requires, our value proposition is based on the flexible, responsive and respectful management of the women and men who come into contact with our customers every day.


Areas of intervention:

Public Access Buildings
Offices, headquarters
Networks of shops or agencies
Retail spaces
Hotels ...




Some products & solutions

Onet Blue Business Lien
Un espace client dédié à la gestion des prestations
Onet Blue Quality
Une application dédiée au suivi des prestations
Boitier sanitaire connecté
La solution Sanitaires Connectés
Un service coût/qualité optimisé
Hello, the fragrance of cleanliness, signed by Onet