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Hello, the fragrance of cleanliness, signed by Onet

Hello, the fragrance of cleanliness, signed by Onet

Your needs

  • To maximise the satisfaction of your clients. 
  • To play a part in the well-being of your employees.

Did you know?

There are strong links between visual cleanliness, smell and the feeling of cleanliness which have a significant impact on the feeling of comfort and satisfaction of users.



Our solution

Onet Cleaning and Services proposes its fragrance, Hello d’Onet to sign off its agents’ work with a non-intrusive smell which is clean, fresh, light and allergen-free.


Made up of natural essences, Hello d’Onet adapts to your environment.


This solution helps to strengthen the feeling of cleanliness coming from your sites.


  • A non-intrusive smell of cleanliness rather than a perfume:
    • Feeds the feeling of cleanliness subconsciously, without scenting the room. The freshness enhances the feeling of cleanliness.
    • Provides a light fragrance, which is not intrusive to users.
    • The scent is not permanent. In this way, the user feels that his environment has been cleaned and does not get used to the fragrance to the extent that he no longer notices it. 
    • We have worked in partnership with an innovative company specialised in odorizing public spaces.


  • Specific targets to increase user satisfaction:
    • To create a stimulating and positive olfactory experience, for the comfort and wellbeing of occupants.
    • To enhance the cleaning business by creating an olfactory traceability of the service.
    • o provide a safe and healthy working environment, with fragrances containing only natural, allergen-free essences.


The natural essences which make up HELLO d’ONET:



La gamme

Hello d’Onet is made up of both non-mechanical equipment (scented hanger tips, scented beads for vacuum cleaners …) and active diffusers: from the traditional multi-surface spray to the sophisticated POS display terminal, which enables users to enjoy the benefits of “Hello d’Onet” as well as improved visibility. Discover the full and efficient range.


A few examples:



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