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Flow Management - Inventory Management - Handling,

Adaptable and responsive flow management and optimal traceability

Flow management is the coordination of physical and financial flows as well as the flow of information on a site.



Our value proposition is based on our ability to analyse a maximum of information (physical and information flows) in near real time and estimate the impact on stocks and supplies. All operations and manoeuvers are thus carefully sequenced, by using a combination of flexibility and productivity. Our WMS, Easy-tracing tools... guarantee optimum traceability and perfectly controlled flows.


Perfectly controlled inventory management and handling operations


Our specialists are fully integrated with your teams on your sites, and are thus able to develop a clear understanding of your business and its challenges.

Our expertise coupled with our experience in flow management enable us to give a comprehensive and tailored response to your needs.

Our expertise in social engineering allows us to take on your employees serenely, involving and motivating them, hence limiting all social risks.




Our areas of intervention:

  • Flow Management
    • Planning of operations
    • Coordination of manoeuvers
    • Monitoring of production plan and sales plan
    • Control of logistics chain 
    • KPI (rate of customer service, quality rate)
    • Traceability 




  • Logistics and Pre-Industrial Operations
    • Supply of materials
    • Stock management
    • Evacuation of productions
    • Inventory, warehousing, picking / packing, packaging / protection
    • Loading / unloading of all type of goods: from raw materials to finished goods.