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Road Transportation / Rail Manoeuvers

Rail Manoeuvers



To offer our industrial customers a comprehensive logistics solution, we ensure the management of sidings.

Our experience in this complex area, our duly authorized staff (P1 - P2 - P3) and our capacities in traction equipment allow us to give a tailored response to your needs and offer flexibility and performance to our logistics service in situ.



Areas of intervention:

  • Operation of sidings
  • Management of the carriages (empty / full) - Loading / unloading (palletized or bulk) ...
  • Reconstitution and routing of trains, support to the SNCF



Road transportation

Road transport is one of the essential links in the transport and logistics chain.

By adapting to your industry, your products and the transport capacity you need, Onet Logistics offers a tailored and perfectly secure solution.




Areas of intervention:

  • Regional Transportation of complete or partial consignments
  • Management of shuttles within and between locations
  • Truck Unloading - Docking
  • Rental with or without driver
  • Provision of equipment for shuttles
  • Reconditioning of consignments ...