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Another vision of welcoming

At Onet we know that each and every one of the visitors that passes through our reception areas has the potential to impact company performance. Visitors can be shareholders, partners, clients, prospects, job candidates, suppliers or simply occupants of the buildings or facilities. Whoever they are they deserve to be welcomed appropriately, and we have developed a specific approach to do just th


Our Services:


Our strengths:

Our professionalism in providing « useful » and « connected » reception services

  • Useful services, contributing to the efficient running of your site,
  • A range of services designed to foster a better personal/professional life balance for your staff members,
  • A “pick and choose” service offering,
  • High-quality professional training (communication, English, conflict management…),
  • Connected and pertinent tools and solutions bringing added value,
  • Intelligent and customisable supports and documents.

Ambassadors for your corporate image

  • Customisable uniforms,
  • An acute sense of service,
  • A multi-sensory approach to reception services that will truly promote the development of your company.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • A proven operating process,
  • Motivated and personally-invested personnel supported by a strong social policy,
  • Customer relations based on performance, transparency and continuous improvement,
  • Extensive expertise across the full range of reception skills


Key elements:

  • 96% of our clients are satisfied*
  • 385 000 visitors welcomed on almost 80 sites during 2014
  • more than 460 000 reception hours
  • 456 employees, of which 86% are permanent staff
  • 200 reception agents are trained each year
  • 33% - 67% : ratio of male to female staff members
  • NF(French quality standard) certification as a provider of hosting services
  • Member of the SNPA (National Union of Hosting, Animation and Promotion Service Providers)
  • Leader in reception services in the nuclear sector
* Research conducted on a sample of 85 clients – study period: 15 May/13 June 2014 – response rate: 26%.