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In-store and out-of-store promotions

And yet you set yourselves increasingly ambitious commercial and marketing objectives.



It is widely recognised that the purchasing decisions of potential clients’ are strongly impacted by the experiences that brands are able to offer them. In today’s world, brands must go out and meet consumers, inviting them to share a memorable experience in order to seduce them.


Onet Reception offers a large variety of point-of-sales activities realised by highly competent sales animation teams, to enable you to meet your objectives.



  • Street Marketing,
  • Distribution of product samples,
  • Promotional tours,
  • Product presentation/demonstration …



  • Assistance in designing and implementing your sales action,
  • Optimised service with a dedicated animation manager for each project who will always be available and ready to react when needed,
  • A quantified report on the impact of your sales animation.