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Electronic Security



The sooner you are warned of a danger, the faster and better you can intervene.


Drawing on its perfect understanding of the life cycles of facilities, Onet Security builds, integrates and maintains strong electronic security systems capable of satisfying the most stringent of client requirements, in order  to identify threats before they compromise the safety of persons or the sustainability of your business.  


Areas of intervention:

  • intrusion detection
  • access control
  • control of openings and access,
  • double-door entrances and filtering
  • hypervision technology




Our solutions are reliable and flexible according to your risks and the level of security required.


Our investments in R & D enable us to offer innovative integrated solutions to optimise both the control and the security level of your sites.



  • 485 employees – 38 local offices,
  • 18,005 installations carried out – Leader in high security (in banking),
  • 45 years of experience,
  • 2% of turnover reinvested every year in R&D,
  • NF Service and Apsad certification in intrusion detection and remote monitoring - Qualifelec,
  • French Origin Guarantee Label for the Belledonne manufacturer,
  • Telem is the operating company of Onet’s electronic security activity.





Florian. P

"The After-Sales Service is really about being dedicated to customer satisfaction. Availability, responsiveness and perseverance are the key words of our everyday work and it is not always easy. Our job is to repair malfunctions in the complex field of high-security. Excellent performance is our motto. " Florian P., Technician and After-Sales Service Officer.


"The projects require both responsiveness, efficiency and technicality. Being able to take a step back and have a look at the whole picture is absolutely essential if we are to find the solutions that satisfy our customer. What drives my daily working life is the close relationships I am able to forge with my clients but also with my team, the architects, the contractors, etc. Trust is the basis of our relationships and also what makes the difference in our market. " Gilles V., Technical Officer