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Protection of cultural property and art work

Protection of cultural property and art work

Your needs

Specifically-designed solutions are needed to protect works of art and other valuable property in places of cultural heritage (museums, art galleries, private collections …) and religious worship. Such means must be both inconspicuous and highly efficient in terms of security.

These solutions enable:

  • To guarantee the security of property while remaining unobtrusive for visitors 
  • To preserve the artistic staging and aesthetical design oh the premises
  • To dissuade and prevent malicious acts
  • To trace and verify the authenticity of cultural property

Our solution

In partnership with ISIS, ONET SECURITE TELEM designs and deploys customised RFID* solutions for the close protection of your cultural property, capable of meeting your most stringent security requirements while guaranteeing maximum discretion and minimum impact on visitors to your sites.

The technical expertise of our teams in the installation of such solutions is recognised world-wide, as testified by our presence in some of the world's most prestigious cultural heritage sites.

Our rich experience has endowed us with the capacity to design and install permanent, temporary and mobile security systems to support our clients whatever and wherever their projects.

*Radio Frequency Identification Technology


  • Proven RFID Technology for an all-inclusive surveillance of artworks
  • Protection for every type of artwork and scenography (large/small formats, contact systems, 3D …) thanks to our wide range of equipment:
    • RFID Tags (5-year autonomy)
    • Laser detectors
    • 3D IR Sensor detectors
    • Gravimetric cells…
  • Modular software: integrated surveillance with the capacity to interface with several hypervisors
  • Multiple RFID antennae and readers (TCP/IP , XML , ASCII , OPC …)


IR: Infrared

TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

XML: Extensible Mark-up Language

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Exchange

OPC: OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) for Process Control


Sensors positioned either directly on the artwork or according to a particular system design are connected to readers via RFID transmission. The system analyses any movements of the artwork. In the event of movement, a signal gives the alert and triggers the tracking system…

Other kinds of readers provide additional features, such as hygrometric sensors to measure the degree of humidity.


ONET SECURITY TELEM works hand-in hand with you to ensure the successful implementation of your security strategy, taking charge of all the stages in the deployment of electronic security solutions (intrusion, access control, opening control management, video protection) on your sites from the initial studies to the design and installation of solutions and their maintenance.



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