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Remote monitoring

Remote security solution

The management of information flows, such as alarms, is the foundation of any security system.


Through its remote monitoring stations, Onet Security controls and analyses the security level on your sites and has the ability to trigger actions in real-time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.



Areas of activity:

  • Alarm management: reception - processing – doubt removal - intervention
  • Monitoring and tracking of persons and goods,
  • Video check-up scans and security patrols
  • Monitoring of entrances and exits - pedestrians and vehicles
  • Area monitoring - detection of abnormal situations.


If you wish to develop your own remote monitoring solution, we propose to design and implement it with you using our large experience.




  • 2 PCS APSAD P3,
  • 3,000 customers and around 10,500 people placed under electronic surveillance,
  • 3,500 alarms dealt with and 85,000 events received every day,
  • 7800 interventions per year,
  • 39 operators for a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • Telem Télésurveillance is Onet’s operating company that handles remote monitoring.




Didier C.

« It’s now thirty years since I began in security and I still love my job. A robbery in a bank, an assault, a fire: you have to apply the procedure with the appropriate codes, call on-site, reassure and comfort people… Human contact is the basis of my work. You have to know how to maintain your composure in any situation, manage your stress in the face of all the information you receive in situations where timing is everything. » Didier C., Remote monitoring operator.



Frédéric V.

« Our job is to follow remotely monitored sites, either to detect a technical problem or to neutralise a hazardous situation and dispatch on-site security personnel or the police. For our electronic bracelet service, we provide alarm monitoring, dealt with partly by prison officers and partly by our operators. For this job, we use the best technologies on the market today and a team of highly skilled operators. » Frédéric V., Director of operations.




*License to operate by the CIAC SUD of the CNAPS Authorisation N°. 013-2115-06-10-20160546525 issued on 06.10.2016. The authorisation to exercise confers no prerogative of public power to the company or persons who benefit from it.