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Control the risks inherent in unattended locations

Control the risks inherent in unattended locations

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Open sites such as worksites, brownfields and unoccupied premises are particularly vulnerable to malicious acts because their boundaries are often ill-defined. In these places, there is a much higher likelihood of theft of material and technical equipment, arson, deliberate damage and unauthorized occupations...

As a consequence, it is vital to ensure security checks to:

  • Ensure the safety of goods and falities
  • Guarantee the safety of persons
  • Intervene rapidly in case of emergency

Our solution

We have designed, install and maintain an intrusion-detection wireless video system with a doubt removal feature, which is perfectly suited to the characteristics of these particular sites.

As experts in monitoring (2 PCS - APSAD P3 certificates) and human security guarding, we can also ensure reception and alarm management, as well as intervention if necessary.



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  • The system includes a central alarm and motion sensors with a wide-angle infra-red camera, and allows any intrusion attempts to be detected: day or night. The video alarm verification provided by the central station means that information sent can be checked, hence eliminating any false alarms.
  • The wireless system is easy to install at strategic locations, and is fully autonomous:
    • No need for a connection to 220v mains, as it is powered by high durability lithium batteries,
    • No connection to the public switched telephone network, as it has a GSM transmitter.
  • The equipment is weather resistant and can withstand temperature changes between -20 ° C and 60 ° C.


If there is an intrusion, whether day and night, the system captures a 10-second video.
This video is immediately sent to a monitoring centre or to a mobile phone.
If it is a false alarm, the monitoring centre can neutralise the alarm remotely thanks to the doubt-removal feature. If not, a security agent immediately intervenes.


Security solutions with high added value combining human and technological resources.

Certified NF Service and Apsad for Intrusion Detection and CCTV.


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