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Asbestos removal

From targeted operations to all-inclusive turn-key projects

Onet Technologies has been taking charge of deconstruction and clean-up operations in high-risk environments and of the subsequent treatment of waste materials produced by these operations for over thirty years and is continuing to develop its expertise within a context that is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of security, quality and lead-times.


Onet Technologies is qualified to remove all types of asbestos and intervenes in all sectors of activity, on both large scale projects and on more classical installations.

Onet Technologies has the capacity to perform highly-specialised operations and to lead major turnkey projects. It adapts its services with versatility to meet client needs.



Our know-how

  • Friable asbestos (wadding, jacketing, equipment insulation…)
  • Non-friable asbestos (floor coverings, asbestos cement items, external casing of buildings)

Our markets

  • We work in all industrial and tertiary sectors: building and civil engineering, industry, local community management, hospitals…

Our added value

  • Capacity to remove asbestos in both conventional and ionising environments
  • High-capacity containments
  • Large-volume dust extraction
  • Accident or disaster response and clean-up
  • All-inclusive turnkey services including building demolition
  • National network


Examples of references

  • Dust extraction and removal of lagging and braiding from supports. Site activity continued uninterrupted during the operations - Michelin factories in Vannes and Roanne
  • Removal of asbestos and demolition of the old Henkel factory at Saint-Fargeau Ponthierry
  • Design and construction of a purpose-built ICPE and development of a remotely-controlled process to remove asbestos from 1200 train carriages– SNCF le Mans
  • Removal of asbestos cladding – SNA Le Triomphant
  • Removal of asbestos and dismantling of alternators on various EDF sites (Saint-Hilaire (38), Curbains (05) and of the CNR hydro-electric dam at Caderousse)