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Decontamination, dismantling

Pertinent solutions tailored to meet the complexity of your projects



We are recognised leaders in this market. We conceive solutions for your decontamination and dismantling challenges, no matter how complex they may be, thanks to our expertise as project architects and lead contractors.


Our solutions are designed to suit the diversity of the sectors of activity which we serve: nuclear power production, fuel cycle, research, defense, chemical industry, petrochemical industry…


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Our know-how

  • Nuclear decontamination and dismantling
  • Remotely-controlled dismantling operations


Our markets

  • Electronuclear park
  • Fuel cycle facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Radioactive waste storage facilities
  • France and international


Our added value

  • Capacity to intervene in all types of projects and facilities, including the most complex.
  • A work force of 1000 specialised men and women
  • More than 40 years of experience feedback
  • Implementation of innovating techniques such as laser technology or virtual reality.

Examples of references

  • Decontamination of the primary circuit using DFD process (chemical treatment, Onet Technologies patent) - Bohunice, Slovakia
  • Dismantling of the heat exchanger hall, Chinon A3 - EDF
  • Deconstruction of the Waste and Effluent Treatment Plant - CEA
  • Assistance with project management for the denuclearization of an entire site - CEA GRENOBLE
  • Dismantling of MAR 200 dissolvers – UP1 plant – CEA Marcoule

Our references

Dismantling of HLW pilot cell in APM building n˚214
Design, development and implementation of a remotely-operated carrier
Pégase: Plutonium waste treatment unit
Design, construction, commissioning and operation of a plutonium waste treatment facility
Pipe decontamination for RETIA at the LACQ brownfield site
Decontamination of gas pipes - removal of scaling contaminated by natural radionuclides from the inner walls- RETIA LACQ.