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Dismantling of HLW pilot cell in APM building n˚214

Design, development and implementation of a remotely-operated carrier

Dismantling of HLW pilot cell in APM building n˚214


To prepare for deconstruction work in building 214 of the Marcoule pilot workshop (APM), the CEA set up cell 419 as a demonstration workshop in which to test remotely-controlled processes which would be deployed to dismantle other high-level activity cells in the building.

After having carried out the preliminary design phases for the deconstruction of this building, Onet Technologies was chosen by the CEA to develop a remotely-controlled carrier capable of performing the demolition work inside the hot cells.


  1. Design
    • Inclusion of experience gained from previous remotely-operated dismantling operations
    • Adaptation of the design to the specific conditions and challenges raised by operations in building 214 and its hot cells.
    • Integration of a Dextre type dual-arm robot and a manipulator arm
  2. Manufacturing of the work performance equipment
    • A principal dismantling carrier featuring 21 axes of movement, with a reach of more than 6 metres
    • A Dextre robot:  MAESTRO
    • A manipulator arm: BROKK 60
    • Auxiliary crawler for the transport of tools and evacuation of waste
    • Operations piloted by remote control from a purpose-built control station
  3. Demonstration trials of remote-controlled dismantling operations
    • Validation of leadtimes required for dismantling operations
    • Demonstration of the feasibility of specific operations  
    • Maintenance and decontamination operations management
  4. Performance of close-contact dismantling operations after those performed by remote control


  • Mastery of the engineering processes involved in designing and manufacturing remotely-operated tools, building on experience from other projects
  • Capacity to ensure compliance with regulations governing work in nuclear environments


  • Client: CEA - Marcoule
  • Project duration 2009-2021
  • Manufacturing, mounting and trials: December 2016 to March 2021
  • 2 years dedicated to the development of the remotely-controlled tool and its various accessories
  • 1 ½  years for the close-contact dismantling operations


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