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20 years of servicing your installations



Our holistic offer ranges from the initial design of an operation to its implementation on site, and we are particularly proficient in piloting multi-expertise projects.
We support you in the maintenance of your installations, placing at your disposal our proven skills in robotics, welding, diving…


Our Know-how

  • Specialised maintenance of reactors and other key components in nuclear power plants 
  • Modification and replacement of primary components in nuclear power plants
  • Delegated maintenance of fuel cycle installations


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Our markets

  • The nuclear park in France, but also in the UK and Belgium
  • ‘Grand Carénage’* and post-Fukushima renovation projects
  • Nuclear Installations up and down-stream of production 
  • (* EDF’s programme to extend the operating life of the French NPP).


 Our added value

  • Expert knowledge of the French nuclear park
  • Capacity for innovation
  • Strategic partners (MHI, GDES…)
  • Pioneer in specialised markets (PIGV, replacement of heater rods, nuclear diving)
  • Design, manufacturing and industrial commissioning of specialised tools


Examples of references

  • Modifications to the closure systems of the material access hatches in NPP reactor buildings - EDF
  • Pressuriser heater rod replacement – EDF
  • Maintenance of the core instrumentation in the PWR reactors - EDF
  • Dismantling and radiological cleaning by divers of the fuel decladding building’s transfer tube at the CEA Marcoule. 
  • Underwater cutting and evacuation of 20 tons of stainless steel and steel – CEA
  • Preventive cleaning of steam generators – EDF
  • Design and supply of replacement steam generators (partnership with MHI) - EDF

Our references

Pressurizer heater replacement
Pressurizer maintenance operation: heater replacement

Renovation of the IIS guide tubes
Development of a process using tele-operated devices to detect and eliminate corrosion from the IIS penetration tubes
Steam Generator Maintenance: Secondary side servicing
Sludge removal from steam generators using high pressure lancing
PWR Pressurisers surge line weld decontamination
Remote maintenance and decontamination of PWR Pressurisers
The « CAT »: a remotely-controlled crawler designed to decontaminate the PWR fuel transfer tube.
An addition to our extensive service offer in the field of nuclear pools decontamination
Video of chemical cleaning of the steam generators