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Non-destructive inspections

A unique platform that is perfectly suited to your needs



We design non-destructive testing and in-service inspection solutions for both the nuclear fleet and the Oil & Gas market in France and across the world.
Our unique platform of experts develops, qualifies and puts into service, tools and processes that are perfectly suited to your needs.


Our know-how

  • Non-destructive tests(NDT) and inspections (NDI) during operating 
  • Design and development of customised methods and tools
  • Site interventions
  • Automated UT* and ECT* Inspections (Conventional, TOFD (Time Flight Diffraction), multi-elements)

Performance of manual and automatically operated NDT

Processes :

  • Bras-téléopéré-Naja-Come-Nucléaire-copyright-Onet

    UT / PT / MT / ET MANUEL

  • AUT* (Automated Ultrasonic Testing)
  • ACFM* (Alternative Current Field Measurement)
  • Leak testing, (HELIUM TEST -VACUUM)
  • Televisual inspections (TVI)


Our markets

  • The nuclear park
  • Oil & Gas markets
  • France and international


Our added value

  • A unique platform of experts : engineers and technicians specialised in conventional and cutting-edge NDT techniques
  • Experts with level III certification
  • PINC: a Joint Venture, with «l’Institut de Soudure » (Welding Institute)


Examples of references

  • Manual NDI of turbo-generators (GTA) in nuclear and thermal power plants – Alstom
  • ECT inspection of the anti-vibration rods of the MHI replacement Steam Generators - EDF
  • Development of a UT test for the forged machining blanks of the RJH core - Aubert & Duval
  • AUT monitoring during the laying of a pipeline - Total/BP, Block 17 and Pazflor

Our references

Eddy Current Testing using an axial probe
Positioning of AVB bars using Eddy Currents
Ultrasonic inspection of the PZR spray nozzle bend
Design, manufacturing, fine-tuning, qualification and implementation of an ultrasonic examination process to inspect the pressurizer spray nozzle bends in EDF PWR power plants
The ACFM crawler for inspection of nuclear pool