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Contributing to our clients' performance


We offer all-inclusive site-assistance services and assume the industrial operation of both nuclear power plants and various installations of the nuclear fuel cycle. 

Every day Onet Technologies contributes to its clients' performance.



Our know-how

  • All-inclusive site-assistance services
    • Prevention of radiological contamination
    • Operation of filtering systems
    • Sorting and conditioning of radioactive waste
    • Materials handling
    • Radiological inspection, regulatory compliance
    • Laundry management
    • Conventional and nuclear cleanliness
    • Warehouse management and tool dispatching ...
  • Industrial operating
    • Management
    • Consulting
    • Assumption of full responsibility for plant operating

Our markets

  • The entire fleet of French Nuclear power plants
  • Basic nuclear installations

Our added value

  • Fully integrated and coordinated service chain.
  • Appropriation of client challenges
  • Diversified services under high industrial and regulatory constraints
  • Flexibility to adapt to seasonal trends in maintenance activities thanks to a workforce of 1000 permanently employed technicians
  • Strong culture for innovation as a means to increase productivity and security

Examples of references

  • Multi-year site assistance contracts in the French NPP, particularly concerning maintenance work conducted during plant shutdowns (7 NPP, EDF)
  • Contracts concerning assistance to operations for plants in the process of being dismantled - EDF
  • Hydrodynamic maintenance – EDF
  • Delegated operating of a characterisation, sorting and intermediate storage facility for LL/VLL waste (Rotonde) – CEA Cadarache
  • Operating assistance for the LECA/STAR plant, testing, treatment, reconditioning of unused fuels – CEA Cadarache