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Customised facility for Belgoprocess, Dessel, Belgium

Construction of an installation for the treatment of sodium-contaminated radioactive wastes (Na and NaK)

Customised facility for Belgoprocess, Dessel, Belgium


Belgoprocess operates a waste treatment centre in Mol, Belgium. Here at the company’s site n° 2 sodium-contaminated (NaK) wastes are currently being stored in two separate storage areas named HRA and Solarium.


This sodium waste matter comes from the dismantling of the BR2 reactor which took place between 1965 and 1985. Other wastes are stored at the SCK-CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre), also located at the Mol site.


The national radioactive waste treatment authority, Ondraf, has decided to design and build a specialised sodium waste treatment facility to be installed in hall 12.018 of the Pamela building, at Belgoprocess’s site in Dessel, near the Mol Centre.



Service provided

Ondraf has entrusted Onet Technologies with the detailed design of the sodium waste treatment facility as well as with the complete project management for its construction on Belgoprocess’s site.


The mission comprises four phases:

  • Phase 1: Detailed design studies performed by Onet Technologies’Engineering Department (covering mechanical and process engineering, general installation, clean-up and decommissioning, safety, HVAC)
  • Phase 2: Support in the preparation of calls for tender and contract allocation for the various batches of the project
  • Phase 3: Monitoring of factory testing
  • Phase 4: Monitoring of onsite mounting operations and testing


  • Site: Dessel, Belgium, Pamela building
  • Client : Ondraf
  • Nuclear operator : Belgoprocess
  • Project duration: September 2010 to December 2015


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