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Equipment displacement systems (SAD) for the Jules Horowitz Reactor

Design, manufacturing and installation of equipment for targeted, component-irradiation testing

Equipment displacement systems (SAD) for the Jules Horowitz Reactor


The equipment displacement (SAD) systems inside the Jules Horowitz reactor are designed to satisfy the needs of technological irradiation reactors over a 50 year period. They provide valuable support to research and development work  currently being conducted on the fuels and equipment used in Generation 3 and 4 power reactors, and will be utilized in the production of artificial radionuclides for medical and industrial purposes.


The concept that was finally chosen consists in installing equipment displacement apparatus (SAD) on the floor of the reactor pool. This apparatus  has the capacity:

  • To be remotely controlled from the rim of the pool
  • to load and unload the various components of a particular material or equipment to be tested,
  • to move each component individually to a pre-defined position in order to measure the level of irradiation incurred by the component
  • To position the elements with a high degree of precision (adjustment pitch of 0,3 mm +/-0,1 mm) for an accurate control of the level of irradiation
  • To cool down the targets using separate hydraulic  circuits,
  • To undergo remotely-controlled, underwater maintenance and dismounting.

Service provided

The mission is comprised of the following :

  1. Preliminary design studies, detailed  design and thermo-mechanical sizing
  2. Procurement, manufacturing, assembly, qualification,  inspection and factory trials
  3. Work site supervision, on-site  installation and testing  of the equipment prior to commissioning
  4. Training of CEA operators

Compétences clés

  • Code de construction RCCMX v2008 volume K, ESPN
  • Contrôle Commande de sûreté, normes CEI 61513
  • Dimensionnement au séisme et essais sur table vibrante
  • Equipements évoluant en milieu extrême : sous eau déminéralisée à 10m de profondeur, irradiation significative, sans graissage
  • Maquettage échelle 1


Areva TA, final client : the CEA

  • Contract duration: 2014-2018
  • Approx. 40,000 study hours and 10,000 hours of subcontractor interface management, on-site installation and performance trials
  • 25 people in charge of the design studies, with expertise in various specialist skills (project management, power supply, Instrumentation & Control, numeric design, mechanical design)


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