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Multi-category intermediate waste storage facility – (EIP) CEA Marcoule

Studies concerning the extension of the “EIP” at Marcoule

Multi-category intermediate waste storage facility – (EIP) CEA Marcoule


EIP is the French acronym designating the multi-category intermediate waste storage facility located on the site of the CEA in Marcoule. Built primarily to accommodate waste materials generated by the decommissioning of Marcoule, this storage facility forms part of the RCD (waste retrieval and conditioning) programme.


When it was commissioned in 2000, the site comprised two cells in which it was uniquely authorised to store drums of old bitumen- encapsulated waste, themselves confined in purpose-designed protective containers, amounting to a total weight of 400kg. These drums are due to be stored in the EIP for a period of 50 years (the site’s intended lifetime).




The extension of the EIP will add two new cells to the site, allowing notably the future storage of long-dating bitumen waste retrieved from bunkers at the STEL (Liquid effluent treatment unit), while providing storage capacity for other types of waste.

Vue 3D int
3D view of the interior of the facility

The design of the new cells will be optimised, paying particular attention to the choice of technologies and equipment, so as to ensure:

- Efficient flow management of the waste packages

- Flexibility, reliability, maintainability, availability and safety of the installation

- Minimisation of costs and lead times, through the adoption of proven industrial solutions

Service provided

Preliminary project studies and detailed design studies concerning the extension of the multi-purpose intermediate storage facility from 2 to 4 cells.

The studies covered the following fields of expertise:

  • Civil Engineering (Eurocode predimensionning, compaction studies…),
  • Mechanical engineering (extension of the waste package handling equipment – overhead crane, transfer car…),
  • Ventilation (study of the modifications to be made to the existing ventilation systems),
  • Electricity and command control (lightning studies, management and supervision of alarm systems),
  • Storage capacity planning for the new cells,
  • Safety (PSR preparation).


  • Client: CEA Marcoule
  • Period: April 2009 - February 2010


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