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Supply of radioactive waste treatment facilities

Design and supply of nuclear plant for the treatment of radioactive waste



Our references

  • Design, construction and operating of a waste treatment facility, La Rotonde, CEA Cadarache.
  • Design studies and support in the construction of the radioactive waste storage site at Saligny, Romania.
  • Design, construction and commissioning of a prototype for the pre-stacking of cemented waste packages for Andra at the Centre de la Meuse 
  • Supply and on-site installation of a radioactive waste cutting and decontamination workshop for Kozloduy power station in Bulgaria

Our references

Handling system for the storage of radiaoactive waste packages
Development of a demonstration prototype for the piling and transfer of packages of ILW-LL waste into deep geological storage for ANDRA
Handling – trackways, carriages and customised metal fittings
Design and deployment of 2 purpose-built carriers and their rail systems for the transfer of LIW-SL waste