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Handling – trackways, carriages and customised metal fittings

Design and deployment of 2 purpose-built carriers and their rail systems for the transfer of LIW-SL waste

Handling – trackways, carriages and customised metal fittings


The «ICC» building - dedicated to the reception and inspection of radioactive waste packages - is one of the buildings composing the CSA Waste repository complex in the French county of Aube. It is currently being refurbished in order to house various new processes for different inspection techniques.
The project entails the design and commissioning of 2 purpose-built carriers (C0 and C2) and their corresponding railways which will transport several types of LIW-SL waste packages between the different reception and inspection compartments.


Service provided

Porte spécifique (porte en L) avec un joint pour assurer l’étanchéité entre deux locaux

The contract covers the design, manufacturing and installation of a batch of equipment for handling packages of short-lived, low and intermediate level waste:

  • A customised, L-shaped door equipped with a special seal to ensure airtightness between two compartments
  • A monorail handling crane with 4-clawed grapple
  • A weigh station
  • A work platform


The mission is composed of the following phases:

  1. Design and engineering
  2. Equipment manufacturing
  3. Installation inside the building
  4. Trials and commissioning
Pont de Manutention avec pince 4 doigts


Country: France

Client: ANDRA – Soulaines-Dhuys (Aube)

Project Details:

  • Duration : 2014-2016 / 21 months for the design, manufacturing, installation and putting into service
  • 6 Onet Technologies staff members, 3 of whom are responsible for project management
  • Approx. 4 500 hours dedicated to engineering studies, sub-contractor supervision, on-site installation and performance testing


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